The resort

Sovata has been an all-seasons European resort ever since 1850. Its thermal lakes, rich in chlorine and sodium, as well as the mud taken from these lakes, have therapeutic/healing properties for many ailments, especially for rheumatic and gynaecological problems. Surrounded by wooded hills with beech, hornbeam, elm, chestnut, pine and oak trees, and by the Salt Mountain, the resort offers excellent opportunities for rest and relaxation. It has a sub-alpine climate, with cool summers and mild winters.


Unique heliotherm lakes

Sovata's lakes are famous not only for their therapeutic effect, but also for the heliotherm phenomenon. Above the salt water, there is a layer of fresh water from rainfall. This layer of fresh water doesn't mix with the salt water below, but remains on the surface, acting as a thermal insulator. Thus, the water temperature in the lakes varies depending on the solar heat build-up in salt water. Bear Lake is the only heliotherm lake in Europe, and the biggest one in the world!


Temperatures in Sovata:

The average summer temperature (July): 18.5 ° C

The average temperature in winter (January): -3.5 ° C


Temperatures in Bear Lake (summer):

10-20 ° C at the surface

30-40 ° C at a depth of 1 m

40-60 ° C at a depth of 1.5m



Bear Lake area: 502m

Surrounding hills: 720m - 1079m


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