While tourists come to Sovata mainly for Spa & Wellness, there are plenty of other things they can do once they're here:



The most popular trails are the ones surrounding the seven lakes.  Following this route, you also get to the Salt Mountain - a hill made of salt, and yet full of vegetation on top, something considered to be very rare and unusual.  There are trails both at the bottom of the hills, by the lakes, and at the top of the hills, trough the forest.  From place to place, there are trails that cross from top to bottom.  A nice trail is the one that goes diagonally through the forest to Tivoli Hotel and Lake Tivoli.  Other popular hiking destinations are Cireselu Peak and Saca Peak.  For those who favor longer trails, there are eight trails through the nearby Gurghiu Mountains that actually pass through Sovata.


The street train

Tour the resort aboard this little street train.  The train leaves from the entrance to the main park, at frequent time intervals.  Being a guided tour, this is the best way to learn about Sovata's impressive historical villas and old churches.  It is also a big attraction for kids.



At Lake Tivoli, you can rent a paddle boat and roam free.  Lake Tivoli is the only lake in Sovata where boats are allowed. It is also located deep in nature, away from the crowds.


Adrenalin/Adventure Park

On the shore of Lake Tivoli, there's also an adventure park.  Here you can climb trees, play all kinds of adventure games, even cross the lake on a zip line!


Steam engine train adventure

Travel back in time on a steam engine that's in itself a historical landmark.  The engine will take you through the forest, from Sovata to Campu Cetatii, an itinerary that is as old as the resort itself.  At Campu Cetatii, you'll find a nice country estate, with a big fishing pond and a restaurant, where you can actually fish your own dinner.


Horseback riding

Amenus - a horseback riding and archery ranch - is located very close to the resort.  There are also a few pensions in Sovata that offer guided horseback riding, or pony riding for kids.  



If you're willing to trade hotel amenities for a truly traditional experience, Sovata is the perfect place.  There are a few pensions that specialize in agrotourism.  You can see how sheep are raised, how cheese is made, you can sleep in a traditional bed made of dried-up grass, ride horses, and in the winter you can ride in a sleigh pulled by horses.  Agrotourism is very rewarding for children, as well as for people who rarely visit the countryside.


Guided tours to surrounding areas

From Sovata, you can book guided tours to some very interesting close-by destinations.  Just 6km away, there's the impressive Praid Salt Mine, which is open to public for both visiting and therapy.   Also close-by is Corund, a small village that's famous for its ceramic arts and crafts; some of these artifacts are also available to purchase in Sovata.  Campu Cetatii, with its fishing farm, is another destination for guided tours.


Skiing and snowboarding

Ride down the slopes and then plunge in the warm thermal water pool for a unique and pleasant experience.  The combination of SPA and skiing makes Sovata a perfect destination in the winter.  Many tourists choose to spend Christmas and New Years Eve here.  Since occupancy tends to be 100% in this period, reservations should be made well in advance.

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